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Have you ever thought of becoming a pilot? Have you ever imagined yourself in command of an aeroplane that flies through cloud, over seas or across the land masses of Africa or Europe? Have you dreamt of flying yourself to the beautiful islands of the Aegean or to the exotic bazaars of the Middle East. Well, such a dream is well within your reach if you do the following:

1. Join one of the Flying Training Organizations or Accepted Registered Facilities and attend a ground course of about 100 hours of classroom lectures. This course will include lessons in:

The ground course costs about CY 450 pounds. To this, you will have to add the cost of books and equipment. On completion of the ground course you will have to pass a written examination at the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). The DCA will charge an examination fee.

2. Take flight lessons for a minimum of 45 hours. Some people need a few hours more. A flight hour with a Flight Instructor in a Cessna 152 costs about CY 65 pounds.

On completion of all training (ground and flight) an examiner will fly with you to assess whether you are ready to take your friends for a ride. If he is not satisfied with your performance, he may require you to do some extra training with your instructor.

On successful completion of your flight test, the DCA will issue you with a Private Pilot's Licence (PPL). With this licence you will be entitled to act, but not for remuneration, as pilot in command or co-pilot of aeroplanes engaged in non-revenue flights and go anywhere you like for pleasure.

A lot of our members often go to Beirut for the weekend. They find it very pleasurable. You will be able to fly a Cessna 172 there and back, with three other people, and the return trip will cost CY150 pounds for the four persons. Flight time Larnaca - Beirut is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. A similar trip to Tel Aviv will cost about CY240 pounds and to Rhodes, which is much further, about CY340 pounds.

Or you can start participating in the flying competitions that we organize. A lot of our members find this very educating and exhilarating. There are annual Air Rally Championships and our champions are sent to participate in World or European Championships.

You should take it easy at the beginning though. Experienced pilots will tell you that the PPL is really your licence to learn. A whole new world is now ahead for you to discover.

You could, for instance, try:

Night Flying. Flying at night has a very special quality. There are tremendous views of the night sky above and the city lights below. To get your licence endorsed with a Night Rating, you will have to fly with your Instructor 5 hours by night. You will learn the basics of controlling the aeroplane without the usual daylight references, just by using your instruments. Obtaining your night rating will open up an entirely new aspect of flying. After this you might even start learning how to use Radio Aids to get to Beirut or Rhodes.

Complex aeroplanes. Learning to fly high performance aeroplanes, like the Arrow, is an excellent way to stretch your capabilities. Being able to handle a powerful aircraft fitted with retractable undercarriage and a constant speed propeller will really boost your confidence.


Multi-engine. Then there are aeroplanes with more than one engine. You will have to consider weight, loading, multi-engine aerodynamics, fuel management, asymmetric power etc. This will be a real milestone in your flying career.





Aerobatics. If you are the kind of person that wants to branch out to the very specialized field of competitions and airshows or you just want the adventure for the very few, then you can learn to fly aerobatics. You will need special aeroplanes and very focused flight instruction. You will learn, however, a unique discipline. You will find the loops, rolls and spins sheer fun ...or you will walk away from it forever.

So, if your goal is a challenge, an adventure, to fly professionally or just to discover the exciting wold of aviation, we invite you to send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .








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