Cyprus Airsports Federation

The CYPRUS AIRSPORTS FEDERATION (C.A.F.) is the umbrella organization for all Airsports associations in the Republic of Cyprus.

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Aeromodelling is the design, construction and flying of model aircraft, which are either an imitation of real aircraft under scale or special constructions with the purpose of making the best use of certain flying qualities such as aerobatics

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Icaros Hang gliding and Paragliding club organize groups of minimum 4-5 persons . For possible dates please contact with number below. Usually the courses are organized in April, and September or October and it takes about 7-10 days- weather permitted

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Did you ever drive a scooter? In Cyprus you can fly with a scooter to. Come here and learn to fly with this revolutionary way of training and forgot the waste of time in the hills with wrong wind direction and the carrying of a glider to the top.

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Have you ever thought of becoming a pilot? Have you ever imagined yourself in command of an aeroplane that flies through cloud, over seas or across the land masses of Africa or Europe? Have you dreamt of flying yourself to the beautiful islands of the Aegean

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Sep 19 2016

CAF Awarding Ceremony

Cyprus Airsports Federation Awarding Ceremony

On the 14th of November the Cyprus Airsports Federation will award all the athletes, individuals and groups for their achievements and support to the spirit of aviation sports. The ceremony will take place at the Cyprus Olympic Commeettee building and everyone is invited to attend:

21 Amphipoleos Str.,
1687 Nicosia


Sep 19 2016

GAC Conference 2016

General Aviation Plenary Meeting won Awarded to Cyprus NAC


Following the GAC Plenary Meeting in Azores, the Cyprus NAC representatives won the bidding with the assembly's unanimity to hold the next GAC in Cyprus. Preparations are underway and the 1st Bulletin was sent out. The event will take place in Limassol at the Miramare Hotel.

You can visit the events website to find out more:


Sep 19 2016

World Rally Flying Championship 2016

In Rally Flying, the pilots must have the ability to execute one of the most pure and demanding air challenges, as land an aircraft on a 2 meters box, fly vertically of unknowns targets or identify “hidden” marks on the ground. This is one of the most demanding Air Sports, resulting on a very difficult tactical mission, with amazing scenes for spectators during the precision landings.

Cyprus participated with 2 crews. The whether on the last training day that our teams had the chance to participate was not adequete and as a result the only cyprus crew that attempted a training flying had to divert to a nearby airfield. The aircraft supplied to the Cyprus team by the organisers was an Ultralight Homebuilt Technam with very limited instrumentation (no Direction Indicator, faulty compass, the tachometer in Kml, engine failed in low rpms) very long wingspan to body ratio and under power. Irrespective to the results the teams have gained valuable knowledge in relation to the aircraft choice, plotting and CRM principles.



Dec 13 2013

World Precision Flying Competition

World Precision Flying Competition in Germany


Jul 13 2013

Horizontal distance record in free fall with wing suite

A parachute festival took place on 29 June 2013 at Dhekelia in collaboration with Cyprus Parachuting Association, CCSPC, DHL and volunteer doctors of Cyprus. A freefall by Tasos Polycarpou has been performed from 12,000 ft with a wing suit and the horizontal distance has been recorded by a special GPS (flysight). The record of this of this jump is 2,017.51 ​​meters and this distance has been recorded from the exit of the airplane up to the deployment of the parachute.

Tasos Polycarpou set horizontal distance record in free fall with wing suite in Cyprus to raise funds for the volunteers doctors Cyprus.

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